How can I not love when His love spills over from within me?
His Love can’t be fathomed deeper than the deepest sea
Can’t be conquered, above the peaks of heavens glory
His light, amazing grandeur, merciful love engulfs me.

How can’t I stop to care when He cared even when sin enslaved me
He took me from the filthy morass on earth, He restored me
I was wrecked, unworthy of His magnificence and mercy
But He loved me, loves me so, died to save me.

May Thy Word and precepts steer me always to your side
I pray Oh Lord that Thy will I graciously live and abide
My praises from my heart to skies they collide
Forever while I live I’ll die so to live by Your side

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2 days of blissful domiciliary

2 days voluntarily cooped up inside our humble abode on the hill,
2 days of major then minor laundry commotion and minimal homey re-organization and anal tendencies of itsy bitsy cleaning touch ups every 5 minutes,
2 days of blissful domicile existence with my 2 boys despite raging Chedeng,
2 days without internet….
i’m back netizens

apart from managing two blogs,
managing my city,
checking blogs i follow,
updating my status,
going places with Gardens of Time,
trying to be a Millionaire by Monopolizing streets and avenues,
checking my emails and statuses of peeps i know,
and answering to blog giveaways while crossing fingers hoping i’ll be chosen…there’s really a lot I need to update in the internet world..all these while trying to make sure my son isn’t doing something mystical while I’m busy.

I needed the 2 days of blissful living in our tiny home.

Thank you Lord for that storm. It gave us time to just be in one place. 🙂

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gantsilyo craft

granny squares

, snowflakes motifs,afghan squares, Victorian motifs,

rainbow squares, floral motifs,
window squares, million what ifs…
projects smrojects floating inside my head,
breezy hues cranium imbedded,
round and round, in the round

in the carouselly merry go round,
dizzying crochet patterns looming
grooming ,moving, spewing

bittersweet feelings for the craft that i do for a living and for fun

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When it’s your first time riding a plane, go gaga on porma!

We just arrived home from the airport. Malyn my parents’-in- law kasambahay (house help) is going home to their province and she’s riding the plane for the first time in her life. She was wearing a form fitting thing (like Julia Robert’s in Pretty Woman,but with a sleeve), a pair of skin toned stockings (good thing it was skin toned),2-inch heeled clogs and a bright red lipstick. She’s just 18 but she looked older.
We’re so worrying up to our necks for her. I’ve been praying the whole time while on the way to the airport for her safety. Travelling mercy – away from any known and unknown danger man can do. Oh Lord why did she wear that thing?! It just doubled our worry.
Anywhoo, the last text message we got from here was that she had safely boarded the plane.
It was already a feat, being able to board the plane because there were a lot of confusing numbers she need to hurdle just to correctly get to the gate. It was a long walk and with a 2 inch heel (which she wore the first time) it would not be a joy most especially when alone. If it was me, well I’ll be wearing flip-flops and comfy shorts/t-shirt combo so I won’t suffer the burning ogling eyes of scary XY “chromosomed” beings.
Next worry is when she’ll be choosing and riding a Taxi to the Bus terminal (which is another first time experience for her). With the dress, I can’t just stop praying. Forgive me Lord, I trust you, but it’s my mom instinct to worry for the young. Sheesh.

Porma. Why in the world would some people love to dress up wrong in the right places. Just so they’re naka- Porma.

Blame it on the “(foreign influence+domestic ignorance)/years of actual experience outside comfort zones – actual know how of the outside world = walking target” equation most probinsyanos follow. Oh Lord I can be so blunt when worrying. I can’t just stop.

I may have to go back to sleep and all will be well when I wake up. Another worries will kick in and life is okay.

C’est la vie! Porma to death!

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Freebies…with a catch

My name was chosen. I became a guest in Astoria. We had a free buffet lunch. We got to know about the Club Astoria membership perks plus the RCI perks. After their presentation (they said it was for 90 minutes, i think it was more than that) we got the gift certificate they promised. A free hotel accomodation valid for 6 months.

It was all good. What we don’t have was:

  1.  down payment for the membership and monthly payments after that
  2. the leisure to just go to Bohol and avail of the free hotel acommodation (yes in Bohol, not here, we had these options: Bohol is the closest the rest are in US and some other Asian country..can’t give out the details, i’m too lazy to stand up and get the certificate from my bag)

the ticket to the freebie was there we just don’t have the money and time to be where we can avail of it.

Lessons learned/Realizations realized:

  • We need extra cash flowing into the cash-flow (Kevin just realized this tonight after bumping to MM that he might consider changing employers to meet this need)
  • We’re glad eternal salvation through Jesus Christ is really free (if we were not saved I’d be so sad that we can’t enjoy the freebie.I’m not, it’s one of my “oh well” occasions)

Oh well…such is life


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Lazy Hot Wednezday..after the storm

nothing much but

lounge around,

Pin some pinteresting things (in Pinterest),

search for some possible web avenues for our wares (Poppytalk,Etsy),

manage my Reihimesamaville (Cityville),

check e-mails,

think of what to draft for my very first PenPalProject letter,

downloading Christian growth articles,

writing this and

skipping lunch.

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Oi Whatya doin?! (via letters to lola M)

can’t just get enough…love my ruru

Oi Whatya doin?! I stare and glare Follow with flare Whatever mom’s doin I’ll be grovin Any minute after she Does the workin I’be grindin The deed Then mom starts screechin Ruiiiiii! Nononono I’ll be cryin She’ll be huggin Meeeee! Whatya doin My brain go screamin I want to try ‘em Big folks are toilin’ Looks fun Sounds pleasin’ I’ll go get a run in On ‘em Whatya doin No no no no I’ll be Whatya doin They’ll go No no no no Why does it seem so fun Whatever they’d be … Read More

via letters to lola M

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